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Hybrid Electronics is Australia's leading manufacturer of Thick Film Hybrid Microelectronic Circuits. Hybrid Electronics has the capability of utilising ceramic, titanium and stainless steel as the substrate for its components. This puts the company on leading edge of electronics development and manufacture.

Custom Component Development

Hybrid Electronics is an Innovative Solutions company, committed to building a close partnership with our customers to help realise their product's full market potential.

From idea to concept, from prototype to production, we offer custom designed and built innovative solutions in the world of hybrid microcircuitry.

Thick film hybrids can vary in complexity and can be used in a variety of products from toaster timers to missile computers.

Hybrid Electronics recognises:
  • The need for fast turn-around and high quality.
  • The need for competitive pricing and enhanced performance.
  • The need for creative solutions combined with production practicality.

Click here to view some of our customers products which use our hybrid components.

Hybrid Packages

The most common and cost effective thick film hybrid on ceramic is the single in line package configuration. However there is also the dual in line whereby both sides of the hybrid have pins/legs to fit into a PCB.

For Titanium and Stainless Steel hybrids, pins/legs are not used therefore the hybrid itself is the 'mounted box'.

The Hybrid Process

Hybrid Electronics Australia Pty. Ltd. controls the entire hybrid process, from concept and design layout to the final testing of the completed hybrids.

100% Hybrid Testing

Prior to shipping, each hybrid is 100% functionally tested to the parameters and specifications provided by the customer.

"We are a company that creates the future in technology,
yet embraces the past in our values."

Encapsulated and unencapsulated hybrid

The same hybrid encapsulated and unencapsulated

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