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Thick film hybrid microelectronic components are amongst the most secure electronics available today, see below to find out why.

Reverse Engineering Protection

The manufacturing technology of Thick Film Hybrid Circuits on Ceramic, Titanium or Stainless Steel is a cost competitive technology that offers the following significant advantages for your application:

  • Higher reliability compared with a standard Printed Circuit Board (PCB) resulting from the inherent characteristics of the materials technology and the use of fewer solder joints;
  • The ability to print resistors under other components results in a smaller size module compared with a PCB where all components are placed next to each other;
  • Overall electronics packaging cost are considerably lower because the hybrid unit can be encapsulated and then clipped or screwed into place rather than requiring a separate mounting box;
  • The hybrid unit would be fully tested (and burnt in if required) to ensure operating specifications are met;
  • High protection against reverse engineering as detailed below

Requirements for good reverse engineering protection are as follows:

  1. The technology must be as little known as possible:
    • Hybrid technology is not widely known or understood other than in technologically sophisticated economies. Stainless steel hybrid's are a relatively new technology, accordingly they are produced by less than 2% of existing hybrid companies. This makes it a very secure technology.
    • Hybrid Electronics uses a specific materials technology for thermistors that is unique in its stability with time. This materials technology would not be economic to re-develop.
  2. Encapsulation must be difficult to remove and cause damage when it is removed:
    • Hybrid Electronics have a number of processes available to achieve this and will work with our customer to ensure the most security and highest reliability is achieved. These processes include powder coating, potting and overmoulding.
  3. Pricing of the unit should be low enough to discourage companies from investing the large sums required for reverse engineering:
    • Hybrid Electronics are competitive on a worldwide basis and this minimizes the risk of others finding the technology attractive to copy.
  4. Software in the unit must be difficult to read from the processor:
    • There is a compromise between convenience of testing and calibration (if required) and secrecy of software. Hybrid Electronics has more than 35 years experience in ensuring an appropriate balance is achieved.
  5. Final Packaging should be 'smart' so that the end product needs the very small size and the convenient packaging offered by the technology:
    • The greatest danger is a PCB functional copy. The risk of this is minimized by a conveniently packaged hybrid on the final product.

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