Hybrid Electronics is a very adaptable innovative company that prides it self in adding value to its customers product designs. Hybrid Electronics manufacture thick film hybrids on Ceramic, Stainless Steel and on Titanium. The following are just a few examples of our innovation at work.

Titanium Hybrids

Hybrid Electronics now manufacture thick film hybrids on the metal, Titanium!

We hold a Patent for the technology.

By using Titanium we can make sensitive, reliable and cost effective strain elements and associated circuitry for applications such as pressure measurement.

Titanium substrates make the hybrids of the future.

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Stainless Steel Hybrids

Stainless steel thick film hybrid technology is a breakthrough in microelectronics. Some of the features of this technology enables microelectronic components to:

  • be reliable;
  • have cost-effective packaging;
  • be secure against reverse engineering;
  • be low in cost;
  • be robust, vibration and shock-resistant, and;
  • be "bolted on" to rigid mechanical fittings.

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