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Thick film hybrid microcircuit technology involves the precision screen printing and firing of conductors, resistors and dielectrics onto a ceramic, titanium or stainless steel substrate for multilayer circuitry.

Ceramic Substrate

Ceramic Substrate

Resistors are laser trimmed to achieve precise values and this can be done after surface mount assembly to achieve functional circuit adjustment.

Laser Trimming

Laser Trimming (image)

A wide range of resistor values from milli-ohms to giga-ohms along with ratings of up to tens of thousands of volts and fractional ratio tolerances can be achieved.

Assembly is normally performed using surface mount components and pick and place technology or, alternatively, silicon chips and wire bonding can be used.

Wire Bonding

Wire Bonding (image)

Thick film hybrids are used as an alternative to printed circuit boards (PCB's) as well as in conjunction with PCB's.

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